2016 Update. I'm still here. Seriously going to work on this site now. anyone willing to help out please let me know.

5/15 Update! Click here for news.

11/11 Update! RMS Ate my balls!

Here, I made a page.

I used Markdown because HTML is still terrible, and I wasn't going to use Netscape composer. Out of all the things I've tried, Markdown helps a novice make professional-looking sites. This one, however, is bare. Were you expecting frames?

About me

I actually do web development for a living. Funny that, eh?

Grew up in Birmingham, first computer owned in 1992 (Tandy), moved up to a 486DX2 with 32 MB RAM, then a Dell Stinger P200 MMX with 64 MB RAM.

Joking aside, I own a ThinkPad now.

Personal Interests

ASM/C/QBasic Programming.

I got into programming during the QBASIC days. I didn't do anything serious until I received my first graphing calculator, the CASIO CFX-9850 GB PLUS. It was programmed using a language called CASIOBASIC. It only had 64KB RAM to store programs, but had an intelligent memory management system, so no memory errors happened (much).

I now do my major projects in C and C++, but those aren't the languages of the web. Those would be Ruby, Java, Javascript, php, and incoherent screaming.

I also collect game consoles, with the SNES being the main focus. I also play Atari VCS from time to time.

Oh, and I am a Pokemon freak.

Current Projects

Eternity Engine (MinGW32 Version)



My Github

My Terrible Tumblr



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No seriously, what?

Honesty time. I used to have a Geocities page. I'm not proud of it, and no, I'm not sharing it. It was blue background, white text, and I used it for forum avatars (terrible idea) and to post in-universe diaries of characters from the Homestar Runner universe. That stuff was the Web 1.0's Homestuck.

And I'm perfectly aware I admitted that I wrote fanfiction.

I'ma go now.